Men fashion trends are greatly different to women. They exist, yes, but. But their cycle moves much slower. Nowhere is that truer than of men suit trends. While there are distinct styles of suits that feature amongst 2012 fashion trends I should note from the get-go that they were not unique to the year. In fact, many of the key looks you will find only in ANDREW & WALKER will still be in-fashion come 2013 and beyond. The great thing about this is it means you can afford to spend more on a suit thus buying a quality piece of workmanship that you will still be able to wear for many a year to come. The same cannot be said of most fashion trends.

But what styles, cuts and cloths should you be looking for? Read on to find out.
A good suit for this decade will take the best elements from the peak eras of men suiting and apply them to a modern silhouette.

The masculinity of a suit is less easy to define; one cannot simply enter and say you want a suit infused with masculinity. Sadly, it does not work that way. Instead, suits for 2011 and 2012 are all about a cut that compliments the male physique, a suit that broadens the shoulders and trims the waist highlighting (or at least implying) an exercised body. In short, it is cut of a suit that makes you, the wearer, feel more masculine and more confident which is the key feeling needed to exude masculinity. To some the masculine element will be a suit that is clean cut, with few flourishes, to others it means a suit full of extra details that it takes a certain attitude to pull off well. It has to be said that Andrew & Walker suits fall into the latter camp as they are highly masculine, but  for gents with a certain kind of attitude to life.

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