When you buy a new outfit from a retail outlet, how often is it that both the blazer/blouse and trousers/skirt are a perfect fit? Most often it is the case that one is perfect and the other you have to make do with. It is completely logical as the figure of a woman is as unique as the woman herself.

In future ladies will find the matching blouse to the perfectly tailored outfit. With our suppliers for wonderful feminine fabrics we will create the perfect ladies costume with the matching blouse for your daily business outfit, as well as the perfect dress for those special occasions. You can choose the colours, cut, collars, cuffs and personal embroidery to make your outfit as unique as you are.

It is our goal to make you look smart and appropriately dressed for all occasions ranging from business meetings to cocktail parties.

Individual wishes for blazers, skirts, trousers, blouses and dresses will be taken into account for classical cuts. According to your personal taste you can choose color, inner lining, matching buttons and your personal monogram as you wish.

The possibilities are endless and a unique style is guaranteed as well as the best quality and durability you can imagine

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